Built to last

Modern and masterful; Qualities that have built Walter Knoll into the company it is today. The Knoll family started out with a leather business in 1865 in Stuttgart, Germany. Over the years, it has repeatedly stamped its identity onto design throughout history, creating iconic pieces that have transcended the barriers of time and space. The company’s focus on the quality of life has enabled it to flourish and stay relevant in this day and age.

The meeting of new technology and traditional craftsmanship inspires development at Walter Knoll. This organic process is driven by the needs of the market and takes shape in the form of new innovations and unique concepts. 

Material selection is given this same organic treatment. Every piece’s ‘clothing’ is chosen and treated with the utmost care and consideration. From the delicate leather hide and dye to the polished, silky wooden veneers, the materials undergo rigorous testing and selection processes to ensure that they are of the highest aesthetic and physical quality. The range that is produced from such a selection ensures that signs of life and personality remain present in the finished product. 

The careful creative process culminates in the assembling of the different parts into one finished piece. At Walter Knoll, this is a labour of love. The toil involved in cutting, sewing and applying upholstery requires meticulous attention to detail, not to mention strength and patience. Armed with years of experience, a team of dedicated experts at hand, and cutting-edge technology, each piece of furniture is born with the assurance of character and life. 

Photo credits: Walter Knoll

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