One material, One Producer


Aiayu which means ‘soul’ in Bolivia, was created out of just one material – Llama Wool. The designs last long beyond fashion, colours and shapes. Everything is carefully crafted at its origin, where the expertise to handle it, is the greatest.

The brand has proved how quality, style and sustainability can coexist. Known for its second to none quality llama knit, the brand works with only one vision, to produce the best of home collections. Every element of the brand’s value chain is subject to close scrutiny, ensuring transparency and sustainability in everything from the high standard working conditions and facilities of the factory in Bolivia to the minimal amounts of colour used for dying, and the biodegradable plastic bags and eco-friendly hangtags of recycled paper.

Founder Maria Hogh Heilmann’s visionary approach to sustainability and concept creation, has given AIAYU clarity in its purpose and as a brand. Maria creates designs with deep love for quality, finish and fit.