Ralph Lauren Home at Proof Living

Thirty years ago, Ralph Lauren became the first fashion designer to present an all-encompassing home collection, which is renowned for its timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship. ... READ MORE

23 Jul 2014 | TAGS:


Giancarlo Tintori’s contemporary take on the traditional chandelier form is just breath-taking. ... READ MORE

28 Mar 2014 | TAGS:

Old School

“This club armchair has the charm of something that has grown old with dignity. ... READ MORE

12 Mar 2014 | TAGS:

Table Sculpture

There are tables that simply do not need showcasing, their uniqueness makes them necessarily eye-catching. ... READ MORE

11 Mar 2014 | TAGS:

Diana Vanity Dressing Table and Chair

A complete bedroom is one with a dressing table and chair. ... READ MORE

14 Feb 2014 | TAGS:

Choosing the Right Bedding

Buy silky, natural tree-fibre sheets in a soothing colour. An exquisitely soft cashmere throw for the bed. ... READ MORE

12 Feb 2014 | TAGS:

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