Tips in Choosing Designer Furniture in Singapore

Choosing the right designer furniture Singapore is more than just falling in love with its outside beauty. The furniture’s style and construction should be able to last for several years so that it will be a worth investment. Expensive furniture is usually regarded as sturdy, but there’s nothing wrong with being meticulous when it comes to picking a piece for your home. So, taking into consideration the quality of the construction and the unique details of the furniture is a clever way to help seal the deal.

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If you plan to furnish your home with brand new contemporary furniture, here are some tips you can use to guide you in your quest to finding the right piece. Arm yourself with enough knowledge and you’ll never go wrong.


The construction of the furniture is a very important factor to consider. Of course, no one wants to buy something that will just last for a couple of months. This is why it is critical to check the construction of the piece. You would want the furniture to feel solid and durable. As much as possible, avoid furniture made from particle board or light aluminium frames as they tend to be weak. Stick with solid wood construction to ensure sturdiness.

Solid wood frames can last much longer than other types and it is considered as the standard for fine furniture. The cushion is likewise an important factor when looking at the construction. Be sure to test the furniture before purchasing. No matter how beautiful the furniture is, it will be useless if you are not comfortable using it.

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If the furniture you desperately want has any exposed wood, the finish colour is a vital point to consider. Many furniture pieces can be changed dramatically by the finish or stain colour. Designer furniture Singapore can easily transform a traditional chair into contemporary one by simply changing the cherry stain to a black paint. In addition, mahogany furniture coated white can instantly look more feminine. What finish will complement your home? Whether you have an eye for Walter Knoll or Barbara Barry furniture, be sure to take into account the general theme of your house when choosing the finish.

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Will the furniture stand the test of time? Or is the general style of the piece trendy today? Keep in mind that any piece of furniture is an investment and it says a lot about you. So when it comes to selecting the shape or silhouette of the furniture, make sure you will admire it now and in the next 5 to 10 years. However, it doesn’t mean you should opt for a shapeless or no style piece. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary piece like the Poltrona Frau furniture, there are several options available on the market. So, don’t limit yourself to a few choices.

Go Unique

Choose a piece of furniture that has an element of surprise or has some personality you didn’t expect. Let’s say, the overall shape of the furniture could be a little unconventional or very distinct. Or maybe the piece has some interesting tufting or unique nail head detail. You don’t have to always go for perfectly shaped and designed furniture. Your personality or style should be reflected in the designer furniture Singapore that you choose to add in your home.