Top Brands of Contemporary Furniture in Singapore

Designer furniture can be the great element that will give your home an elegant look along with superb interior designs. Any contemporary furniture in Singapore can dramatically improve the overall appearance and atmosphere in your sweet abode. There are several brands offering high-quality furniture with great craftsmanship, incredible designs, and excellent feel. Among these high-end brands, it is seriously difficult to select the finest one.

Best contemporary furniture Singapore

Basically, you will choose the one with the better reputation and can provide you with the product based on your preference. To help you narrow down your choice, here are some of the luxury furniture brands in the world of contemporary furniture.

Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry brand is well known for its simplicity, great craftsmanship and strength of the material used on each piece. The furniture is inspired by the natural world, evoking calmness and serenity into every home that makes a perfect antidote to the chaotic world of modern life. The ideas of simplicity, timelessness, and understated elegance define the founder’s design ethos. Each furniture piece is designed to become part of the family’s history. Barbara Barry comes in a wide array of furniture pieces that will delight every homeowner, from sofas to tables and chairs. Be sure to check out both outdoor and indoor furniture collection.

Designer furniture Singapore

Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau is noted for its exhaustive quality standards and catalogue of iconic furniture designs. But what makes this brand different from the rest is that 95% of its products are meticulously made by hand. This is why customers can ensure superior quality of every piece the company offers in the market. The company also uses a 21-step leather tanning process compared to the 12-15 steps by other furniture manufacturers. Some of its infamous products include the 1930 Vanity Fair armchair and the Dezza armchair designed by GioPonti in 1963. A Poltrona Frau seating was also employed for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.


Baker’s contemporary furniture Singapore collections have been designed to fit in most modern homes. While contemporary furniture is known for being minimalistic, each furniture piece follows the latest design trends. Baker brand offers customers with a huge array of furniture pieces in their contemporary collections, ranging from items to completely refurbish a living area, dining room to a master bedroom. Over the years, the company has sought the help of various designers to create great masterpieces for their collections. Each designer has put in their skills in every piece they created. The company has worked with famous designers like Jacques Garcia and Laura Kirar.

Walter Knoll

Another popular brand of designer furniture in Singapore is the Walter Knoll. This brand is widely recognised for the clear seam patterns, precise seams in different constructions and exact piping which help determine the value of every piece they offer in the market. With years of experience working with fabrics and leather, extreme dexterity for the fine seams of heavy leather covers, and enough understanding of how best to combine the pieces, it’s no surprise why every piece of furniture exudes excellent craftsmanship.

Walter Knoll table

There is a wide collection of leathers and fabrics to choose from for all Walter Knoll products. In addition, all materials undergo strict tests to identify their durability, how easy to clean, and colour-fastness. The contemporary furniture Singapore company fulfils the test criteria for both local and international requirements.